Crystalline PV Technology

When most people think of solar photovoltaics, crystalline silicon PV is usually the first to come to mind. Astronergy’s crystalline silicon solar modules are made from p-type monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon wafers with state-of-the-art solar cell mass production processing, including texturing, phosphorus diffusion, edge isolation, removal of phosphorus doped oxide layer, surface passivation, anti-reflective coating, and metallization using screen printing technology. Astronergy is committed to continuously improving the conversion efficiency by implementing advanced solar cell processing technologies, such as double printing of front grid lines, selective emitters, etc.

What makes Astronergy’s crystalline technology special?

Astronergy is the first PV company in mainland China to use the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in solar cell and module production lines. All process information, equipment conditions, and materials used are traced to wafer and module levels. Products, processes, and equipment are controlled using Statistical Process Control (SPC) for the highest levels of quality and performance. Within the same power range and efficiency, our crystalline cells are further sorted and grouped by the current they produce in order to minimize losses caused by electric-mismatch. IV and EL tests are performed before and after lamination to ensure the consistency of encapsulated cells and process reliability. The EL test is repeated on each module before shipping to ensure product’s quality and reliability.