Astronergy Supplies 50MW to a “Pace Marking” products only Project in Shan Xi Province

It is required by Shan Xi government that the new project must use products that come from the PV module companies that are recognized as “pace marker” in the solar industry. Astronergy, as one of the earliest receivers of “pace marker” certificate, supplies 50MW of solar modules to the solar station. About 4.35MW has delivered to Shan Xi and people can now see the initial outline of the station. It is estimated that till the middle of May the entire shipping will be completed.

Astronergy module has 16.8% of efficiency surpassing the “pace marker “standard of 16.5%. As a result, Astronergy was recognized by the China Quality Certification Center as a “pace marker’ who lead China’s solar industry development. It is reported that around 20% of current capacity falls into the “pace marker” requirement and Astronergy is willing to do more research and development to lead the industry development as one of the qualified.

“It is the requirement from local government that this solar station must install ‘pace marker’ modules. This reflects that government is determined to enhance the development level through enforcing higher standard. Astronergy has always maintained high efficiency and quality by doing so we have won more opportunities in the markets. In the future, we will continue to insist our faith in quality control and put more effort in developing new products.” Executive Vice President Dr. Lu Chuan said.